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Baja 250: Aerial Race Support in Mexico

Ivor Shier flew our AStar 350B2 for BMF Racing to provide aerial race support for driver Rob Bruce - behind the wheel of Trophy Truck #74.

Cameraman Jim Cook got some spectacular HD Video of the truck in action as it battled blown tires, loss of its hood and high transmission temperatures yet the team still finished a respectable race.

The helicopter was equipped with a Spidertracks locating system that enabled home base to track real time movements of the helicopter on the racecourse. The Mexican Federales posed for this picture with Ivor and the girls from the BMF Racing Team.


HD Film Shoot for the NFL Network

Pilot Garner Shepard flew our Bell JetRanger 206BIII on assignment for the NFL Network in Los Angeles. Using a Cineflex HD camera system, some of the locations filmed were the LA Coliseum, Los Angeles Skyline, Malibu Coastline and the mansions of Beverly Hills.

The helicopter landed at the Maguire-California Hospital Helistop to swap out crews during the shoot. Located about one mile from Staples Center, the helistop is a great landing site for passengers who want to avoid freeway traffic and arrive at Lakers games in style.


Use Your VA Benefits to Start Flying!

Start your journey to becoming a professional helicopter pilot. We offer the required courses to get you on your way, and if you have the GI Bill, we have the VA approval necessary for you to train with us.

Our pilots have years or professional experience to help you get a higher quality of education. Garner Shepard is the Chief Flight Instructor for the FAR Part 141 courses for helicopter including, Instrument Rating and Certified Flight Instructor. Andy Fagan is the Chief Flight instructor for the Private Pilot and Commercial Pilot ratings. Come train with us and get the benefits of real world experience.


CH Blood Drive Nets 51 Pints

On March 13th, we held our annual Blood Drive, and this year we were able to help net fifty-one pints of blood for the San Diego Blood Bank. We had a large donor turn out, and traded helicopter rides for blood donations.

The blood was processed and sent Children’s Hospital to help save lives. A special thank you goes out to our volunteer staff - especially Larry Bay, Lyle Cocking, Mike Slattery and Starr Cooke - who donated their helicopters and piloting skills. It was a successful day and many unknown children will be ever so thankful for your charitable efforts.


Spring Break Tour Special: April Only!

In April we will be offer a Spring Break Special: a 24-minute tour featuring the downtown skyline, San Diego Bay, sailing yachts and exciting waterfront activities.

The price is $259.00 for up to 3 passengers, $339.00 for up to 4 passengers and $599.00 for up to 5 passengers. Do something memorable this holiday! Come fly with us.


Betty’s 90th Birthday by Helicopter

When asked what she wanted for her 90th birthday, Betty Robinson replied, “a helicopter ride over San Diego”. Betty had dreamed of seeing San Diego from the air since watching the KPBS program, San Diego Above All (which was actually filmed by Corporate Helicopters).

For her special day she soared over San Diego, and said that the tour more than met her expectations. Pilot Andy Fagan made it a special flight for Betty, who shared the tour with husband John Hovis and daughter Debbie Lee.


Helicopters Sales: Beware of Scams

Buyer and seller beware! In this economy, selling an aircraft can be a risky business, and it's not just the money you stand to gain or lose from your original purchase price.

Over the past few months, we have seen an increase the number of Internet-based scam emails and phone calls. Most, if not all of these scammers are working from overseas, and the scams are getting more elaborate - using fake escrow companies in Europe, and posing as both buyers and sellers and using information on an aircraft, unbeknown to the registered owner.

Of course we recommend using a broker such as ourselves when purchasing or selling, but if you do decide to go it alone, always use an Escrow Company listed on the website.

For a list of our current helicopter inventory for sale look here.