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Helicopter Training is better than ever at Corporate Helicopters.

With our new, top-of-the-line flight simulator, anyone can experience flying a helicopter - anywhere in the world - with complete safety.

Print and bring in this newsletter for a $49 for one half-hour Simulator Intro flight. We'll offer this intro special only through August 2009.

Call us with any questions or to make reservations: (858) 505-5650 or (858) 505-5650 - or email us anytime.


New Simulator

Battling the rain, 65 mile-an-hour wind gusts, a chip light and an engine failure, pilot Gary Roesink successfully landed a Bell 206 in Hamburg, Germany. A difficult situation made safe - in our new FlyIt Simulator.

This simulator is incredibly realistic and allows a pilot's skills to be safely tested in a risk-free environment. The simulator can:

• Faithfully reproduce environments and cities around the world

• Create all kinds of weather conditions

• Offer emergency procedure scenarios

• Emulate the R22, R44, Schweizer 300, Enstrom 280 FX, MD500, Bell 206 and AS350.

Captain Sully of US Airways credits his safe landing on the Hudson thanks to his life long training for emergency procedures, with a lot of it in a simulator. Practice saves lives and equipment!

Helicopter Training

Learning to fly helicopters was a long time dream of Bryan Pederson. Congratulations are in order, because on June 28th, 2009, Bryan passed his private pilot check-ride with flying colors.

Pederson was able to accomplish his goal while working full time as an accountant, through individual and personalized training that worked within his busy schedule. He is looking forward to continuing his training as he works toward his commercial rating.

We will be updating our current flight training packages in August and students will benefit from a reduced price structure.

Advanced Rating

Charlie Ameson took his Instrument check-ride in our R44 instrument trainer, with air conditioning, on a hot day in July. He wanted the challenge of obtaining one of the most advanced ratings.

Arenson's fascination with helicopters started when he met Ivor Shier on the film set of Titanic in Baja and has escalated through the years. Charlie bought his own helicopter and recently upgraded his Raven I to a Raven II helicopter with air conditioning and bubble windows for the comfort of his friends and his dog Gismo.

When obtaining an instrument rating, up to twenty hours may be flown in our flight simulator - saving a substantial amount on training costs.