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Astar B2 and HD Camera System

Ivor Shier, Pilot, flew with Marty Zimmerman, Cameraman, to film the arrival of the first cargo ship into the 'Energia Costa Azul' terminal in Baja California.

The Sempra Energy liquefied natural gas plant located north of Ensenada cost $1.1 billion to build and is ready for operation.

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Man vs. Wild

The Astar and LongRanger helicopters flew to the Laguna Hansen area of Baja California. One helicopter dropped Bear Gryles, the host of "Man vs. Wild" for a skydive into the wild so he could find his way back to civilization. The other helicopter filmed him dropping into the wilderness.

Look for this up-and-coming adventure show on the Discovery Channel.

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Father's Day Special

Dads love to fly! Give him a Gift Certificate for an Intro Flight Lesson or take him on a helicopter tour. Either flight is guaranteed to make it a memorable celebration.

The Jewel Tour is an exciting flight over beaches and bays to share with dad. The flight travels over Crystal Pier, Tourmaline Beach, La Jolla Cove, Black's Beach and Torrey Pines Golf Course. It is a twenty-minute tour with a minimum of 3 people only $77 each. Total for three passengers is $231. Book it today!

Happy Ending to Search and Rescue Mission

On Feb 28, 2008 the Baja Protection Agency called Mandy Patterson at Corporate Helicopters to launch a Search and Rescue Mission in Baja California. Two high profile lawyers from Tijuana had gone hiking and were missing for several days in the rugged mountains of the Sierra Madres.

Pilot, Joe Koller landed at Ensenada Airport and met with Mario Rodriquez the head of the search and rescue team for Baja California along with one of his teammates. They headed for El Diablo, a 38-minute flight and a climb to 8000 feet. As they climbed to altitude they discussed their search patterns and grids. The LongRanger was flying over some very rugged terrain when out of the corner of his eye, Joe saw movement and banked to the right. Below him there were two figures jumping up and down and waving. The helicopter circled over them and then headed for a clearing a 1/2 mile away. The hikers had been without food and water for the past three days and were running out of hope to be found.

Joe and Mario rescued the two Attorneys and their Saint Bernard puppy and were greeted back at Tijuana Airport by the Televisa Evening News Crew.

Helicopters for Sale

2008 Eurocopter EC 120 blue with silver trim - $1,750,000
2008 Robinson R22 white with navy trim - $230,000

2006 Robinson R44 Raven with A/C black with custom trim - $370,000
2006 Robinson R44 Raven with A/C white with blue trim - $360,000



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