Aerial Photography

Show a unique perspective. We specialize in aerial photography from helicopters, and over the years we’ve provided thousands of images for publications, land surveys and more.
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Specialized equipment. Experienced photographers.

We’ve helped provide thousands of images for commercial and personal use.

Aerial photography by helicopter in San Diego


We’ve provided thousands of images for advertising, magazines, catalogs, web sites, property and land surveys, events, construction progress, documentation and more.


Many of our staff photographers have worked with us for over a decade, and know how to provide the exact results you want, using both Canon and Nikon gear.

Gyro Stabilization

In addition to on-board photographers, our gyro-stabilized cameras produce exquisitely detailed images.


With highly experienced pilots and photographers and top of the line gear, we provide you with the exact custom photos you need.

Custom aerial photography

Exactly what you need. We make it easy by coordinating all the details.

Aerial photographers at Corporate Helicpoters of San Diego

We fly professional photographers.

Our photographers and pilots are highly trained to make shooting your project yield the most professional photos possible, meeting the most stringent demands. Aside from our own staff, we have flown professional photographers from around the world.

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Aerial photography by helicopter

Comfort & safety.

Depending on whether you are traveling alone or with your clients, we have a fleet of helicopters to serve your needs. We remove the doors to make the job easier, and our AStar helicopter has a sliding door for a more pleasurable job. All photographers utilize safety harnesses.

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Aerial photo of downtown San Diego

Project progress.

Custom aerial photography is a staple of the development industry, and documenting project progress or capturing the architectural beauty of projects is one of the company specialties. We offer special pricing for regular updates.

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  • Thanks for everything on our shoot, the experience was amazing!

    Brian C
    Brian C.

Aerial photo gallery

A sample gallery of some of our photography by helicopter.