Helicopter Flight Training

My experience from initial enrollment to completion of my training, Corporate Helicopters has been nothing short of absolute excellence. The atmosphere and environment provided by the staff and CFI’s consistently maintained the utmost level of professionalism, always keeping safety a top priority. Lessons were concise and well integrated into the current publications for Helicopter/Rotorcraft Aviation. Corporate Helicopters provided me with a knowledge base and pilot skillset that when carried into my FAA Check Ride, my FAA Examiner (Robinson Helicopters Chief Test Pilot!) was inclined to comment that my Oral Exam was excellent, that I was in fact very well prepared, further stating that my Practical Test was of Commercial Pilot quality. He then complemented my CFI Bryan Pederson as well as Corporate Helicopters for producing an excellent addition to the General Aviation community. Bryan accompanied me to the Check Ride and while initially nervous of my CFI being present it was a confidence building experience, many of which Bryan has provided throughout my training. I highly recommend Corporate Helicopters for anyone seeking Flight Instruction.

Vince Carter, Private Pilot

“I have been coming to Corporate Helicopters for the past two months to earn my Private Pilot License. It has been a great experience from day one. They have great staff members and very experienced, knowledgeable pilots to train you and get you where you want to be.  Their helicopters are very well maintained, which says a lot when you are going up in the air with them.”

Daniel Mosquera, Flight Student

“From my first intro flight, the flight instructors at Corporate Helicopters have been professional and extremely flexible to fit my training in between my busy travel schedule. They have continued to make flight training truly enjoyable.”

Dave Cloutier, Flight Student

“Corporate Helicopters has given me the opportunity to receive a higher caliber of professional flight training in a great location that gives us experience in busy airspace and sunny days year round to keep training moving quickly.  Their large fleet of well maintained air craft and knowledgeable friendly personnel make flight training at Corporate Helicopters a win-win situation.”

Josh Young, Flight Student

I was smiling for the entire flight, so much so that my face hurt… I was hooked immediately. I set out to earn my helicopter rating.

Jim Hannemann

I want to send my sincerest thanks and gratitude to Ivor Shier, Garner Sheperd, and the Corporate Helicopters team. Their dedication and efforts, as well as their encouragement, helped me to fulfill my dream of flying helicopters!

I will always cherish the time I spent as a student at Corporate Helicopters, and would highly recommend them to anyone seeking an environment of professionalism, encouragement and dedication to achieving their goal of becoming a Commercial Helicopter Pilot.

I am thoroughly enjoying my first position as a pilot here at Helicopter Adventures in Myrtle Beach, SC. I hope that I will see everyone at Corporate again some time, and wish all of you success!

Greg Simons, flight training graduate
Greg Simons